Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen


a. All our offers are without engagement. The order contracts the client, but iO bvba is only contracted after a written confirmation.

b. When the solvency of the client is in question according to a juridical execution and / or other circumstances [bankruptcy, composition, etc.], iO bvba has the right to suspend the agreement and to ask a guarantee. If the client refuses to grant a guarantee, iO bvba is entitled to nullify the order and to claim all damages, payment of the merchandise. Under no condition iO bvba can be hold responsible for any damages.

c. In case an order is nullified by the client, iO bvba is entitled to 30 % of the purchased sum.


a. In case of visible defects, the client needs to protest immediately.

b. Other complaints need to be protested in written and by registered mail within a delay of three days from the delivery of the goods, under the sanction of the dissolution of right. Formulating a complaint does not liberate the client his obligation to pay.

c. All invoices, even the ones that are not mature, are considered to be accepted, when the invoice is not objected to in written within 5 days.


a. The payment of the invoice has to take place within 10 days from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise is agreed upon. Each invoice that is not paid at the date of maturity, results by right and without any reminder in interest according the law of August 2, 2002.

b. Furthermore, every invoice that is not paid at the date of maturity will, after a judicial reminder, be increased with 15 %, with a minimum of 150,00 €. iO bvba will have the right to claim all costs of recuperation.

c. All invoices, even the ones that are not mature yet, are immediately mature in case of nonpayment of an invoice. 

4. The goods remain the property of iO bvba as long as the client has not paid the complete purchase sum and in case of bankruptcy Article 101 Bankruptcy law is applicable


a. All technical data is merely indicative. It is not binding and it can be changed at any time and without prior notice. iO bvba is not responsible for possible mistakes or errors in printed matters.

b. iO bvba gives a six-month guarantee on the merchandise, starting from the date of delivery. Working hours and postal charges are never included in this guarantee.

c. iO bvba is only liable for the direct damages and is not liable for consequential damages, such as loss of production, loss of income or loss of profit.

d. iO bvba is exempted from any responsibility in case of force majeure. As long as the force majeure lasts, iO bvba has the right to extend the term of execution of the agreement.

6. The delivery dates are approximate. Compensations and refusals of the goods are not possible because of the fact that the delivery is late.

7. The transport of the goods is to be paid by the client and is at his risk.

8. a. Any dispute falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Antwerp.

b. The Belgian law is applicable to all the contracts and relations.

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